And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

And Then There Were None is a novel authored by Agatha Christie based on a detective fiction theme. The book was published first in UK in 1939 and was titled ‘Ten Little Niggers’. It was published in the US bearing the title ‘And Then There Were None’ in the year 1940. Over 100 millions copies of this crime fiction work have been sold and is the best selling novel written by the author. Also, it ranks on the top as the best-selling mystery in the world and it even ranks as the 7th most printed book of all time. Numerous films, plays and also a video game have adopted this detective novel in their subject.

In this novel, there are 10 people who are involved in some deaths but they have either escaped punishment or weren’t noticed by the authorities. A trick is played with these people by making them come together on one island. There on the island, the only people that are present are these ten people. And then starts the mysterious game in which all of them are murdered one by one. The manner is which these serial killings takes place is bizarre, paralleling and relentless. Each killing corresponds to a verse of ‘Ten Little Indians’, which is a nursery rhyme and one verse is removed every time a murder happens. Even though the guests realize that they are being tricked by an invisible entity, they are so helpless that they cannot escape without a boat in the vast waters of the sea.

The thrill and mystery in the book has been preserved in such a way that every page urges the readers to imagine the circumstances. The plot of the novel, the characterization blended excellently with angst and suspense makes the reader eager to know about what more is coming next. Adding to this, the brilliant writing of the author, Agatha Christie, has charmed more and more people to read the novel. This completely entertaining book surely deserves to be in the list of top all time best sellers.

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